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Mihad Fahmy is passionate about advocating for the protection and advancement of human rights at work, school and other institutions and services. She deeply believes that all individuals have the right to be treated with dignity and respect, and to be accommodated in a way that allows them to participate fully within society.

Mihad has extensive experience presenting human rights matters before grievance arbitration boards, the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, and the Canadian Human Rights Commission. She regularly advises individuals, unions and organizations regarding both their rights and obligationsunder human rights legislation and policies.

Her services in this regard range from assisting individuals in drafting a human rights application or complaint, representation at the mediation or hearing stage, and/or providing coaching for individuals who choose to represent themselves before the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario or Canadian Human Rights Commission. She also assists individuals navigate their internal workplace human rights policies and procedures, and organizations in drafting such crucial documents.

Mihad regularly speaks and writes on issues of human rights, including the duty to accommodate, workplace harassment, human rights in the workplace, and accommodation and inclusion in public schools.

Mihad would be pleased to speak with you about your human rights matter, and to explore with you your various options.