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Employment law services include reviewing and negotiating employment contracts, providing advice and representation on issues arising out of termination of employment, constructive dismissal, bullying and harassment, employment standards, and workplace investigations. Mihad Fahmy also provides advice and representation with respect to human rights, disability and duty to accommodate issues that arise in the workplace.

In addition, Mihad assists employees who have had their claim for Employment Insurance benefits denied. This may involve filing a Request for Reconsideration of an Employment Insurance Commission decision and/or an appeal with the Social Security Tribunal of Canada.

Clearly drafted employment policies, followed by training delivered in an accessible and open manner are two key steps in facilitating a healthy and productive workplace. A number of policies are now legally mandated for all employers in both the not for profit and profit sector. For example, the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act  requires all employers to prepare and review, at least annually, a policy on workplace violence.

Mihad can provide your organization with assistance in drafting such policies, review existing policies for compliance and/or deliver engaging and informative training to your employees and volunteers on a variety of employment law and human rights topics.